Proud to call you mine

As my 10 year anniversary approaches my wonderful wife decided she wanted to renew our vows – with a full wedding! How could I say no? When we were married 10 years ago it was a simple ceremony before a Judge in our courthouse immediately after our college graduation… I honestly think we were still in our cap and gowns.  There were no friends or family present to celebrate with us.  So if she wants a wedding then she will get one! The wedding planning has begun! 

My wife has stood by my side and encouraged me thru my heaviest days.  The love that showed through her eyes was my motivation to get up and walk even when I didn’t want to.  Weight was never her concern but health was (and still is) I choose to continue on my journey to be healthy for myself as well as my family.

Let’s get this party started! 

Big Mike


34 pounds in 24 days

Let’s face it, if you don’t put forth the effort it isn’t going to work – this applies to everything in life.

Eating – or lack of eating – was the key to my first 22 pounds of weight lose. Before beginning the 24 Day Challenge my diet was horrifying.

Little Debbie was my best friend, Pepsi’s and fast food. I just loved the smell of a drive-thru – any drive-thru

With AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge my energy level increased immediately and my weight dropped significantly.

I lost 34 pounds!

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Challenge Accepted

I am 6’3”

Starting Weight: 340

Starting Waist Measurement: 57″

I am constantly exhausted and unmotivated to get up and move.

The fear of diet failure is always whispering in my head.

I was afraid of embarrassing myself. My addictions were fast food and candy – any kind of candy will do but the chewy sweet tarts are my favorite.

I love food – the sight, the smell the taste..

So we enter the cleanse phase (Day 1-10)

Spark not coffee.. Different but doable.

The fiber drink was a little frightening to look at but thanks to this 24 Day Challenge Review , I had juice and a straw on hand.

A little breakfast of oatmeal and a banana and I was off to start my day!

In the past a stop at the gas station would ultimately lead me to a candy bar and a Pepsi.

My daily commute passed by every fast food chain and the drive thru’s were calling my name.

I avoided the donuts, cakes, and cookies in the teachers lounge during my free class and sat at my desk with a Yoplait Apple Pie Greek Yogurt - I was committed!

Lunch was pretty much just dinner leftovers wrapped in a low carb tortilla or on top a salad.  Bye Bye to the Big Macs.

I followed the booklet sent with my challenge to the letter – day by day.

I started walking in the evenings with my wife.  Sometimes we would bring the kids and sometimes we left them with the neighbor.

I started feeling more alive. My energy levels were increasing.

I didn’t want sit in front of the TV all night – I wanted to DO stuff!

This thing might actually be working!

Big Mike